Hanson Design launches a brand new website

Hanson Design launches a brand new website

We design for the New World.

Hanson Design launches a new brand and website to honor the new design partnership of Gilman Hanson and Winston Sordoni. For over 25 years, we have created brands that have helped our clients succeed. Your brand is your story; how that story is expressed shapes the perception of your brand. As a team of thinkers, writers, designers, and developers, we strive to express your story in ways that connect to your audiences. While the medium and tools have morphed considerably over the last 25 years, our intention for good brand solutions remains. The tenets of visual communications have found new channels and will continue to do so as digital technologies create more points of connection between people and brands. As the medium and the way people and brands connect evolve, the core principles of smart branding and communication are more apparent. The tools will continue to evolve and change but what has remained evident over two decades is the need is for clear and compelling communication. All brands are leveraging technologies, becoming more sophisticated in reaching their audience and engaging with them. Truly successful brands have pivoted and realized on an executive level that the relationship has become two-way. Their brand equity now lies in the hands of their audience, with whom they are in continual communication. This relationship is a dynamic one that needs to be tended to and nurtured. Successful businesses and leadership teams see their brand as a fundamental asset. Business strategy and brand strategy have merged, making the two indistinguishable from one another. We have helped businesses worldwide move towards this dynamic, helping them clarify their brand and build long-term brand equity.

Better Connection.

We have learned that the ‘human wisdom’ behind every well-performing brand is a better connection – between you and your audiences. It is self-evident when a brand is established on well-conceived strategies and attractive and visceral design. Humans are so aware, sensitive, and intelligent. We ‘get it’ really quickly. We understand there is a tacit recognition and attraction when an ‘exceptional brand moment’ happens, whether it be checking out on a website or navigating an app on the subway. To create the ‘aha’ moment, we know it’s vital to understand your business strategies, empathize with your audiences’ needs and desires, and then create an ‘alluring brand’ that attracts, confirms, and activates ‘brand choices.’ High-performing brands are more than badges; they are symbols of ‘complete thoughts and expressions of desire’ that attract, confirm, and sustain customers. Understanding and empathizing with people is so fundamental to a brand’s success. A Well-conceived brand does more than compels; it moves your audience to become brand advocates.

We are thrilled at the idea of another 25 years of working with businesses worldwide.